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link bid script

This is a new hosting package that has pre-installed the popular bidding directory software called Link Bid Script or LBS for short.

LBS is an easy to use script that is written with popular open source database scripting language called PHP that uses MySQL as its back-end.

Although LBS started life as a simple bid for position directory script, It has since evolved to with time and to do much more complex and advanced features than than positional directory script.

One of the features that make the Link Bid Script tower above the other PHP based bidding directory script is that it combined the classic link bid script alphabetic listing with web directory style category listing, thus giving directory owner and directory users a synergy of both worlds.

The current version of the script in addition to its ability to list bid in the traditional alphabetic order is also able to list websites in categorical orders like the traditional web directory script. This capability extends link bid script capacity beyond what it was when it started life.

Quick look at it additional features follows:

  • Alphabetic or web directory style categories.
  • Dedicated page for each listing.
  • Search Engine Friendly.
  • Supports instant activation.
  • Support editor reviewed approval.
  • Supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Template based for easy customisation.
  • User-friendly admin control panel.
  • CMS powered, no need to modify files directly.
  • Free to download.
  • Free upgraded
  • Free support.
  • Add AdSense code easily.

All these features are combined with a Velnet Basic hosting features but and a LBS bargain price of £48

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