Web Hosting Features

Technical Features

  • Powerful UK Based Servers
    We have very powerful UK based servers so your website will always run perfectly. Quad Intel Xeon Processors, SCSI Hard Drives, RAID6, 8GB RAM
  • 24/7 Helpdesk Support
    Our Online Helpdesk support team has highly skilled technicians who will fix any problem with your website in the shortest time possible
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring
    We have a server monitoring team that keeps an eye on our servers and in case there is any major problem they fix it as quickly as possible so you will have the least amount of downtime
  • Linux Operating System
    The Linux OS ensures that the servers are the most secure servers available, protecting your website from viruses and hackers
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
    The combination of the Linux OS, server monitoring team and support team ensures that the servers are always in top shape and the downtimes are almost nonexistent
  • Powerful cPanel Control Panel
    We have the latest version of the powerful cPanel control panel that allows you maximum control on your website
  • Online Web Statistics
    The control panel comes with an online web statistics software so you can monitor the hits to your website
  • Online File Manager
    You can use the online file manager to update your website directly from the control panel
  • Full Weekly Backups
    We make regular backups in case you have a major problem with your website we can revert it back to a time before the problem
  • FrontPage Extensions
    If you built your website in FrontPage you can use the FrontPage Extensions to update your website

Mail Features

  • POP3 Mailboxes
    Our hosting packages come with a number of POP3 mailboxes so you can get your emails directly to your computer using any email client available
  • Spam Filtering
    We have powerful and customizable spam filtering in order to receive the least amount of spam messages
  • Online Mail Access
    You can access your emails directly from your website's control panel
  • SMTP Server
    You can use our SMTP server to send emails to anyone
  • Auto-responders
    You can set up auto-responders to send out replies automatically to every incoming message.
  • Email Forwarders
    You have a favorite email provider, you can forward all emails to your provider and receive the emails through them.

Web Features

  • PHP 5.2.9
    Our hosting packages have the latest version of PHP installed so your scripts will run at full potential
  • Shockwave and Flash
    You can have animations and movies included in your website
  • XML Support
    Our hosting packages also support the Extensible Markup Language
  • SSI Support
    Server Side Includes come with all the websites hosted with us
  • Zend Optimizer
    Zend Optimizer allows you to run scripts that were coded and optimized with Zend. This way your application will run faster and smoother.
  • Hotlink Protection
    If you have a high bandwidth usage and you think someone is stealing it by linking directly to your images and media files, you can use the Hotlink Protection to block such links and thus save bandwidth.
  • phpMyAdmin
    You can use the online database administrator to manage your databases directly from your control panel
  • Password Protected Directories
    If you want to protect a part of your website from visitors you can use the password protected directories
  • FTP Access
    24/7 FTP access is guaranteed so you can easily upload your website
  • GD Support
    Our hosting packages allow you to host scripts that edit images and graphics
  • mod_rewrite Enabled
    If you want to have nice and easy to remember addresses you can use the mod_rewrite option to edit your addresses.
  • Full .htaccess Support
    If you want to configure the Apache setting for your website you can use the .htaccess files to do it.

Velnetweb is the trading name of Knightmaster Enterprises UK Ltd. Unit 1 Holly House, Queensway, Leamington Spa, CV31 3LU, United Kingdom