Shared SSL Certificates

The Shared SSL certificate is an alternative to the regular, so called Dedicated SSL certificate. The big advantage of the Shared SSL is the price, it costs only £25 per year, which is much less than the £72 the Dedicates SSL costs, but the security of the connection is the same. The Shared SSL is ideal for small or starting businesses who don't want to spend a lot money but want to have their customers payments in a secure enviroment.

The Shared SSL works the same way as a Dedicted SSL certificate, and has the same security but it costs 65% less. All the major payment gateways accept payments made through pages secured with the Shared SSL so the benefits are the same as using the more expensive Dedicated SSL. Because it is much cheaper than a Dedicated SSL the Shared SSL certificate can leave money free to use for other things.

In case you buy the Shared SSL certificate all your pages will be accessible to a secure connection using our SSL certificate with an address starting with Our system is set up so that you can access all the pages you want to secure with the minimum of changes needed on your side.

Please send us a ticket using our support system here and a member of our team will get back to you with furter details.

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