.Mobi registration

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Step 2 Enter your domain name and choose your suffix
Step 3 Search & register with our simple secure ordering

You can now register a new type of domain name which is specially built to work for mobile devices. The .mobi domain type is designed by an agreement between the top mobile phone manufacturers, like Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and the top internet companies like Google and Microsoft to make a domain name that will be dedicated exclusively to mobile phone browsing.

The reason behind the .mobi domain name is that currently normal web pages are too large to be browsed from a mobile phone, they take very long to load completely and the long browsing times cost more. Because of this .mobi pages are intended to be small, around 20KB with every content, so it can be loaded relatively fast and still contains a decent amount of information.

The .mobi websites must comply with a few rules:

  1. Must use XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0 as the default for the landing page
  2. No frames
  3. Site must be present on second level

If you want to order a .mobi domain name you can do it in the form next to the header navigation. The price for a .mobi domain name is £15.00.

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